"the network swiss army knife"
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Souce Code
FreeBSD Version
Current: 0.2.3
cvs/project at
  • nmap > 2.54BETA30
  • gtk >= 1.2.0
  • gnome
  • gnome-xml >= 1.8.0
  • glib >= 1.2.0
  • glib-devel >= 1.2.0
  • imlib >= 1.9.0
  • imlib-devel >= 1.9.0
  • libpthread
  • libgnome-devel
  • gnome-libs-devel
  • libpng-devel
  • esound-devel
  • gnomecanvas-devel
  • libxml-devel
you can install most of these using your favorite package manager, please ensure these are installed before submitting a problem.
  1. untar the file tar -xzvf cheops-ng-X.X.X where the X's represent ther version number
  2. cd cheops-ng-X.X.X
  3. gmake
    gmake install

  4. to run: cheops-agent &; cheops-ng just enter the IP address of the machine that you started the server on in the dialog box (cheops-agent will spit out a message "Starting server on X.X.X.X" put the X.X.X.X in the dialog box)
Problems or Questions?
  1. Please format any message with the following information:

    • Distrobution
    • version of cheops-ng
    • detailed description of your problem (something descriptive enough to recreate the problem). This includes the contents of your config.log or output of make when you are trying to compile cheops-ng

  2. Check the forum at to see if anyone else has had the same problem solved, if not then just post your question so that others can get the benefit of the answer.

  3. If you still have problems you can email me at toopriddy at mailcity dot com

Please try to post comments or questions on sourceforge, so that other people can benifit (if you are not a sourceforge user, it takes just a second to become one)

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