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How do I start running cheops-ng?
All you have to do to start cheops-ng is (after installing):
       cheops-agent &
The cheops-agent will startup listening on all avaliable network ip addresses on your system. Cheops-ng will startup with a 'Agent hostname:' dialog box, enter '' (your system's loopback address). If you want to connect to a linux box running a cheops-agent, from accross the internet or on your local network, just enter that system's ip address in the 'Agent hostname:' dialog box, or create a new 'viewspace' for that cheops-agent

WARNING: cheops-agent is started on a network socket... this means that anyone can connect to the cheops-agent and use it. Make sure that your computer is secured. I am working on a way to authenticate users so that you dont have to worry about it.
What do I do when I have discovered a computer/router with multiple IP addresses?
All you have to do is highlight the discovered hosts with the IP Addresses belonging to a single computer and right click one of them and click "Merge Hosts". This will Merge the hosts togeather. All of the right click services are seperated by the host's IP address and the detailed info will also seperate the information by host's IP address.
I am having problems installing on XYZ distrobution, what do i do?
Redhat 9 users:
Get the imlib-1.9.13-3 RPM from (i686 version) and install using the --force option in rpm. then install the cheops-ng rpm

Everyone Else:
1. Try installing the rpm version with '--force --nodeps' added to the command line (rpm -ivh --force --nodeps cheops-ng-X.X.X.rpm). I am still trying to figure out how to make rpm's... if cheops-ng does no work, then go to step number 2.

2. Try installing from the source code. All you have to do is:
make install

if the configure script gives you errors, send them to me through a post on the sourceforge forum (or you can directly email me at toopriddy AT mailcity DOT com).
What is the deal with 'network' and 'local' on the cheops-agent?
The cheops-agent is going to listen for connections from the clients using either TCP with network sockets or pipes using a UNIX domain socket (a file). THIS DOES NOT WORK, MOST PEOPLE ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THIS

UNIX Domain files live on your system, no one can eavesdrop on the conversation between cheops-ng and cheops-agent. i think... :)

Network method is suceptable to network eavesdropping, although I am working on getting the client and server to use openSSL to encrypt the network traffic
Why is cheops-ng actually 2 programs (client and server)?
Well... cheops-ng is built as a server client program because of the features that I could add to it. For example, when you close the client program the server program can still be doing things for you, like checking to see if your web server is still running. The user should be able to go to any computer to login to the server program and have their workspace avaliable to them.

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