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Cheops-ng (cheops next generation) description:
Cheops-ng is a Network management tool for mapping and monitoring your network. It has host/network discovery functionality as well as OS detection of hosts. Cheops-ng has the ability to probe hosts to see what services they are running. On some services, cheops-ng is actually able to see what program is running for a service and the version number of that program. Take a look at the screenshots page for a detailed look at some of the features of cheops-ng.
Cheops is in a Book:
Hacking Exposed Second Edition has recognized cheops on page 68.
Take a look here.
Differences between cheops-ng and cheops:
There have been several people asking me about the differences between this project and cheops. So here are the differences:
  • In cheops-ng the -ng stands for Next generation giving rise to a spinoff or newly developed version of cheops
  • Cheops is a GUI program whereas cheops-ng has a backend server that is running all of the time. The GUI for cheops-ng just loggs into the server to use the server's functions, like OS detection and mapping.
  • Cheops-ng's and Cheops' functionality only differ in that cheops-ng does not have monitoring capabilities yet.
  • Last but not least It is being worked on (ie. people are developing it and supporting it, whereas cheops is not being developed on nor supported).
It was decided after much debate that cheops needed to be different than what it was, and that a full makeover needed to be done to cheops. Mark, the author of cheops, and I started to write cheops-ng since then Mark has moved on to his big Linux PBX project asterisk.
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  • 5/29/2005 - Nobodys home :(
    I have been unable to work on this project, too much going on and no help. Sorry :( maybe someone can help out with this project

  • 5/29/2003 - Ok im and idiot!
    0.1.12 will fix the bug that I introduced into 0.1.11, sorry everyone :(

  • 5/24/2003 - Man has it been this long?
    Well, 0.1.11 is out... not many changes though, I just wanted to get a static binary release out there to help the people out who use KDE or that don't have all of the libraries

  • 7/28/2001 - New web page layout!!!

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